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Who do you want to win?

I'm watching the Utah/Golden St. game tonight and find myself rooting really hard for the Jazz.  It made me wonder: is it because most of my family is in Utah and so I want them to be happy?  Or is it because I would rather the Suns face the Jazz after they win the next four games against the Spurs?

I think it's a little bit of both.  While I think the Suns can beat either Utah or Golden State, I do think it will be much easier against the Jazz because of they way they play.  If the Warriors got through to the next round, I think the Suns would be the "underdog" in terms of how many people would be rooting for them versus rooting for the Suns.

What are your thoughts?  Who do you find yourself rooting for in the other Western Conference series?  Why?

I'll have more on the Suns tomorrow.

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