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SB Nation Mock Draft: Suns trade 24th & 29th Picks

The Phoenix Suns representative (that would be me) traded the 24th and 29th picks in the SB Nation Mock Draft to the Clippers for the 14th pick in the draft.  And with that pick, the Phoenix Suns representative (still me) picked Joakim Noah.  Here was my reasoning:

"The Suns need to drop some salaries and that probably means getting rid of either Shawn Marion or Boris Diaw.  While Noah is larger than either Boris Diaw or Shawn Marion, he should be able to fit into the role that Diaw plays if it is determined he is the player the Suns part with.  The Suns should be able to find a backup point guard to Steve Nash through free agency or by trades so the main goal of this trade and draft pick was to get a lower salary with a guy that would fit into the Suns system and be able to at least play in the rotation a little bit.  If anything, replacing Diaw with Noah gives the Suns a lot more energy on the court."

What do you guys think?  Was I crazy?  If this same scenario came up in the real draft, would you want Steve Kerr to go for it as well?

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