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Kerr says trading for Garnett a possibility

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According to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic, Steve Kerr has said that the Suns are in talks with the Timberwolves to acquire Kevin Garnett.

Kerr points out a few problems, however.  First, Garnett has a huge contract.  Second, the Wolves want Amare Stoudemire in return.  Third, the Suns don't want to give up Stoudemire.

The article points out that the Suns could include a team like the Celtics into the mix to get everything worked out but that Shawn has refused to go to Boston.

A funny part of the article:

"As soon as I looked at the financial part, I gagged and choked a little bit," Kerr said.

Did he mention that to Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver?

"I didn't tell him," Kerr joked. "I told him, 'It's going to work great. Perfectly. We'll be way under the cap, Robert. Don't worry about it.' I'll send him the bill later."

If the Suns can work out a three team trade and get KG for Shawn Marion and maybe a few other small pieces, do you think they should do it?