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Steve Kerr Press Conference Review

Robert Sarver

  • Reminds us that 15 years ago today the arena opened for business.  
  • David Griffin was promoted to Senior Vice-President of Basketball Operations.
  • Steve Kerr named as president of Basketball Operations.

Interesting note:  According to Sarver, Steve Kerr called him about the job - not the other way around.

Steve Kerr

  • Steve Kerr thanks TNT, Doug Collins, Jerry Colangelo, Robert Sarver
  • Steve explains that the reason he left was to try something new and it helped that the Suns are a strong organization
  • He made sure that Dave Griffin was with him as he started here

Interesting note:  It sounds like Steve Kerr really does want David Griffin here and isn't just going to shove him out.

Mike D'Antoni

  • Says, "Steve hasn't made a mistake in 4 years that he's been in the media (just like no media ever makes a mistake) and hopefully that can continue here."  Everyone laughs...

David Griffin

  • Dave doesn't seem super excited but maybe that's just his personality.

Question and Answer Period

Question:  How do you view this basketball team?  As a team that could have won the championship except for a few suspensions or a team that just can't make it?

Steve's answer:  The Suns are there except for the suspensions this year or injuries in the past few years.  He doesn't need to build anything - just needs to add the finishing pieces.

Question:  What changed your mind to say the time was right now?

Steve's answer:  He needed the time away from the competitive aspect of basketball.  Now his family is more comfortable with the move.

Question:  Are you planning on moving here?

Steve's answer:  He has a place here and his family will stay in San Diego.  His family is comfortable in San Diego and he wants them to stay there.

Question:  What is the first thing you're going to do as GM?

Steve's Answer:  We're going to shop Nash and see what we can get for him. (I thought there would be more laughs at that...these media types aren't super jovial.)  This team is not something that needs an overhaul.

Question:  How does this move affect you?

Mike D'Antoni's answer:  It puts it back to the way it should be.  We're close and we don't want to go backwards.  We're excited for next year.

Question:  How active do you anticipate being over the next month?

Steve's Answer:  We have two first round picks and a second round pick.  It makes sense to add some young players to balance out our roster.  That's why we're bringing guys in to work out.

Question:  How hard was it to not go other places?

David's answer:  We've alluded to the words "unfinished business".  The decision was hard but there is another step to take here as a team and to walk away from it didn't feel right in my heart.

Question:  Who has impacted you for this job?

Steve's Answer:  Doug Collins, Jerry Colangelo, Lute Olsen, Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson, Lenny Wilkins, Cotton Fitzsimmons

Question:  It's obvious you married up.  What did your wife say about this?

Steve's Answer:  If there was one dilemma for me, it was family.  I wanted to make sure my family was behind me.  I spoke with my kids and they said, "You have to try."  I had a great situation but my family is 100% behind me.

Question:  Do you like the idea of being part of a team again?

Steve's Answer:  Being part of a team again is the most attractive thing.  We were part of a team in the broadcast booth but it's not the same thing as trying to win a basketball game.  I wanted to get back to that.

My Thoughts
I've always been impressed with Steve Kerr.  He seems like a class guy.  Nothing in this press conference made me feel any different.  He actually answers questions very well and speaks well on his feet.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I think this is a great move.  I also think Mike D'Antoni is relieved.  From his comments during the press conference, it sounds like he really didn't want to be in the position he was in.  So now he can focus all of his time on coaching and maybe he won't get burned out.

What do you guys think?

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