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Ranking All Finals Teams for the Past 30 Years

That's what John Hollinger is trying to do (you need Insider to read the article).  And where do you think he ranks the 1993 Phoenix Suns?  #41 out of 60.  I don't know whether to argue with him or not.  As he points out, Charles Barkley had a great regular season but not a great post-season.  The Suns had to fight through the Lakers after losing the first two games at home (they finally won in 5 games).

On the other hand, who can forget Paul Westphal's prediction after losing those first two games?  It was awesome.

But considering that he's ranking the Suns in the top 11 of the losers of the Finals, I guess that's not too bad.

Anyone think the Suns should have been ranked higher?  Lower?

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