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Summer Suns Game 2 vs 76ers Live Game Thread

In case anyone's interested, here's a thread for Summer Suns Game 2 vs. Summer 76ers. I'm going to give this another shot. The game just started a couple of minutes ago. I have to say the broadcast is MUCH better than the one on Monday. They even have real commentators instead of that goofy PA guy. The game should be much easier to follow this time. Check it out on!

What I'm hoping to see:

  1. Marcus Banks continue to light it up, and hopefully get some other guys involved too.

  2. Alando Tucker and Otis George continue their solid performances in the last game, and maybe even improve.

  3. A big, monstrous breakout game from DJ Strawberry. Come on DJ! You can do it!

  4. A bit more from Pape Sow than last time out would be nice as well.

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