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Summer Suns Game 3 vs Hornets Early Live Game Thread

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This game doesn't start until 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern), but since I might not be able to catch it, I'm creating the game thread a little early. There's a nice writeup about Otis George on AZCentral today. In it, he talks about how he's "doing this for the island" (Dominica) where he's from, and that he will "keep working to make them proud". It seems the Suns are comparing him to Tim Thomas (presumably because of skill set, not work ethic). He's 6'9" with a sweet stroke from outside, and a pretty decent rebounder. George is still considered a long shot to make the roster, but he's certainly been impressive for the summer league Suns.

It sounds like Marcus Banks will be back today. I'm split down the middle on that. On one hand, I would love for Banks to continue to build on his stellar performance in Game 1. On the other hand, I would also love to see more of DJ Strawberry at the point to find out if his Game 2 performance was a fluke or the real deal. But like I said previously, the better Banks can play, the better it is for the Suns, whether that means giving him another shot at making the rotation, or simply rehabilitating his reputation as a player so he could be more easily moved in a trade. Plus after a year of being considered the bane of last year's offseason, it's great that he's getting the chance to shine a little. So best of luck to Marcus today.

What I'd like to see (or at least read about in the recap and box score if I don't get to watch the game):

  • Marcus Banks have a good game--while still leaving room for his teammates to have one too.
  • Another nice performance by DJ Strawberry.
  • Otis George keep it up.
  • At least 5 rebounds from Alando Tucker. Come on, Alando. You proved you can score. You proved you can assist. You even proved you can shoot free throws. Now let's see some rebounds. Please!

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