KT Trade redeux

[I really appreciate everyone taking the time to chime in and share your thoughts about the KT trade. We've had some great discussions going, both from those taking the "wait and see" approach, and those who think this trade is the worst idea the Suns' front office has had in many years. I especially want to thank Vash01 for breaking the news initially, and DrStrom for also posting a diary, as well as everyone who offered their opinions in the comments. The most recent diary on the subject is the following by srp, who has some interesting ideas on what the Suns' next move should be. -TexSUN]

So a few hours into the post KT era and I figured I would sum up my reaction. This started as a reply to a comment in the original thread but I decided that I had a) enough words for a diary and b) hadn't posted a diary in a long long time.

So, my thoughts:

Dropping KT's contract is a savings of $16m next year ($8m in salary and $8m in Lux Tax). As much as we liked him - that's a TON of money to be paying for a guy whose role is spotty at best.

I like KT and loved having him on the Suns but I can't fault the team for thinking that he wasn't worth $16m to "guard" Tim Duncan for a few games.

And I say "guard" b/c really it wasn't as if he shut him down. He just looked good getting scored on.

Coach D doesn't like him on offense b/c he doesn't move enough and frankly at 6'9" with about the same verticle jump as Nash he wasn't tearing down the rim either.

Sure, losing a 1st round pick in 2010 sucks but there's a lot of time between now and then to get that back some other way.

Now - let's see if the Suns can find a big man. Chris Mihm is still out there. Verajao - although he would probably need closer to $8m and that's not worth it. PJ Brown for real cheap couldn't hurt although I wouldn't exactly hang my hat on his 38 y/o legs. Here's a link btw to an up-to-date list of available free agents:

Anyway - 75% of game time is going to have Amare, Marion, Bell, and Nash and Hill/Tucker/LB/Diaw and maybe more Banks this year on the floor.

There's just not that much room for another player so why pay KT $8m + $8m in LT for him to barely contribute when you can fill that role for much much less.

Somewhere in basketball land is a solid, defending, energetic, tough minded, athletic center just dying to play in Phx for $1m - $2m.

Oh - and I will just keep saying this in hopes that everytime I do it becomes closer to reality.

Trading Pike straight up for Petro or Sene in Seattle is the deal that needs to be done. For both sides.

Seattle - and bare with me regular readers of srp as I repeat myself - is LOADED w/ bigs.
Go check it out.

They have Swift, Sene and Petro all at 7ft. Then Collison is a tough defending/rebounding PF while Wilcox is a more athletic big at PF. And now they have KT too! They've got Durant, Jeff Green, Wilkins and friends as swing men but the only guards are really Ridnour and Delonte West. They TOTALLY need a guy like Pike that can come in off the bench and hit 40% from 3. Some one for Durant to kick the ball to.

Franky, the Sonics (and Blazers) in a two or three years are going to be dominating the West - but that's another story. In the mean time they need Pike and we need Petro. Let's get it done!