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Positive Vibes

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While we're eagerly awaiting SueB's first-hand report on Steve Nash's Charity Classic, here is an article from Paola Boivin on Amare Stoudemire's inspiring ability to overcome all the tragedies that (in her words) "follow [him] around like a cloud of Pigpen's dust". She includes a quote from Kurt Thomas, whose departure from the team is yet another hard knock for Amare, as he is losing his mentor on top of all the horror surrounding his half-brother's recent arrest on a murder conspiracy charge.

"The team will be fine. Amaré will be fine. The sky's the limit for him. He's a guy with a tremendous amount of inner drive that can handle any challenge you give him. I don't know if people appreciate the kind of player and teammate he is. He'll always have your back, always be in your corner."

With all the talk about Amare having a negative impact on team chemistry, it's nice to hear a teammate speak out from the other side of the equation.

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