Big Man?

Especially after the KT trade, I know that everyone (including me) is rather perturbed by the lack of an answer to Tim Duncan and some of the other dominant post players.

I hear various names bandied about, but I haven't seen Scot Pollard discussed.  Call me crazy, but:

  1. vet minimum, so very little financial exposure
  2. decent defender, and certainly not afraid to be aggressive (but I would argue that he's not 'dirty')
These seem to be the two principal considerations for the Suns right now, and I think he might fit the bill.

I know he comes with downsides (injury-prone, potential attitude issues), but given the rather desperate need - wouldn't he be worth the almost-no-risk?  If he doesn't work out, he cost nothing, and he takes up bench space like all the others.

Just a thought.