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Steve Nash's Latest Fitness Strategy

There's an interesting note about Steve Nash in today's Dime Smack at MSN Fox Sports. It seems Nash has added something new to his summer fitness routine:

Earlier this week one of our guys was up at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers gym and spotted Steve Nash doing a boxing workout. Nash's boxing instructor said Steve picked up on the sport quicker than almost anyone he's worked with. After hitting the speed bag a couple times to get the timing, Nash apparently had the thing humming like a pro...
Maybe he's preparing a few surprises for Bruce Bowen next time they meet?

There's also a mention in that same article that Boris Diaw might be willing to pay out of his own pocket for an insurance policy that would clear the way for him to play on the French national team this summer. As mentioned in JSun's diary yesterday, the Suns have reportedly forbidden Diaw from playing for his national team without a specific insurance policy that would cover Diaw's contract should he be injured during the endeavor (the East Valley Tribune article is here). If only Diaw would show that same kind of determination to make a meaningful impact for the Suns, then maybe the Kurt Thomas trade wouldn't hurt so much.

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