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Lunchtime News Report (Bell Has Surgery, Nash Asked to Play for Team Canada)

Here's a couple of quick tidbits of mid-day news:

According to, Raja Bell has undergone successful surgery on his right knee. I hadn't heard he was having this, but it makes sense given his recurring complaints of knee pain this past season. The article on quotes team physician Dr. Tom Carter as saying it was "simply a clean-up procedure" for some "mild wear and tear of his kneecap". His recovery period is 4-6 weeks, so it sounds like he's expected back in plenty of time for training camp.

In other news, Chris Sheridan of said in his chat today (Insider link, sorry) that the coach of the Canadian national team is trying to talk Steve Nash into joining. My first reaction to this would be "NOOOOO!!!!". However, if Steve isn't playing for Team Canada, chances are he'll be out on a soccer field (or in a boxing ring?) to stay in shape, so maybe it's not as terrible a prospect as it initially sounds. The chat didn't say whether Nash had said "yes", but recent quotes from him about wanting to minimize his time on the basketball court during the summer to avoid burnout make it seem unlikely.

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