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Kevin Garnett is Heading East?

It's not being reported on every single news site yet, but it's looking a mere hair this side of official that Kevin Garnett is going to Boston. Whatisboxhappening broke the news in the comments of my previous post, but I wanted to post something more easily visible now that it sounds like it's really going to happen. If this goes through, then I think as Suns fans, this is about the best outcome we could have realistically hoped for this season. We all wanted to see KG in a Suns uniform, but my guess is that was never going to happen without Amare being part of the deal, and maybe not even then given the financial situation. So the second best outcome for Suns fans is for the Timberwolves to send KG far away from Dallas and the Lakers. So, if this rumor is true, I'll a happy camper (for all of 10 minutes, then I'll go back to wondering how on earth the Suns are planning to plug the KT-sized hole in the center).

I guess now we can all start hoping that KG will opt out of his contract after this season, and come to the Suns for 2008-09.

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