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No KG for the Suns Next Year

Kevin Garnett is officially a Celtic now, and the news gets worse for those of us who were holding out hope this was a short-term thing, that would see KG make good on his alleged wishes to play in Phoenix by opting out of his deal next year. Instead, it looks like KG may very well finish out his career wearing green instead of purple. Once again, whatisboxhappening was johnny-on-the-spot with the news in the comments of a previous post, just to avoid stealing anyone's thunder. But here's a quote from the link above that has some more details:

The Boston Herald reported on its Web site Tuesday that Garnett has agreed to a three-year extension with the Celtics, in addition to the two years left on contract, which would keep him in Boston through the 2011-12 season.

In other words, KG will be old and gray in the NBA world before he'd be available for the Suns, unless things don't go as planned and there's another trade. So, I guess it's time to move on from that "pie-in-the-sky" dream, and see what else is out there. At least we can be pretty sure the Atlanta pick gained an extra bump in value.

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