Suns believe they will sign Hill

Paul Coro thinks so.

I think this is just thinking positive, like saying 'we will win this game'. I don't see why Hill would sign for a vets minimum salary when he can make more money and win a title with another team.

Of course I could be wrong because I cannot read Hill's mind.

I do have concerns about Hill being overrated. I can see him as a bench player that gets a reasonable amount of time- even in Dantoni's system. I would be concerned if he is a starter because of his history of injuries and his age. He will be 35 during the upcoming season. The offers he is getting are from minimum Vet to MLE. SA has offered only min. Vet, and I believe they are right. That is why I don't want the Suns to invest a lot of money in Hill and see it disappear because of injuries.

I would really like to see the Suns go for a 3-point shooter because neither rookie draft pick is a good shooter. That may not possible if they sign Hill.