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Phoenix Fans Helped Grant Hill Choose the Suns?

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Interesting article by Paola Boivin today.  Most interesting to me:

  • Hill chose Phoenix in part because of the fans?

  • On a team with less parts than the Suns, Hill averaged 30 minutes and 14 points.  Boris Diaw averaged 31 minutes and 10 points.
  • Brian Hill said about Grant Hill:  He's a calming influence on the floor.

That last one is important to me.  We also saw what happens when "non-calmness" reigns on the floor.  You get Leandro taking poor shots while Steve is on the bench, Amare and Boris running toward a foul, and lapses on defense that just shouldn't happen.  Hopefully the calmness he can bring will help settle the team down and they can play with more sound decisions.

For $1.8 million, I think this was a great pickup.