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Carnival of the NBA #47

I apologize for the somewhat grumpy tone in my previous post. It was written on very little sleep and way too much work the night before. In truth, I think the Suns will be fine as long as they can fix the vacant spot at the center position. KG at the right price a year from now would have been a welcome addition of course, but the important thing here is that at least he didn't go to one of our western conference rivals (and they can't have him for another five years either). Plus, like Phan X pointed out in the comments, the Celtics now have a huge amount of money tied up in three players, which might make it difficult for them to fill out the rest of their team. That's the same problem the Suns might have had if they had traded for KG this year. So moving on to the next topic...

I've been so busy that I neglected to mention Carnival of the NBA #47 came out a couple of days ago at Give Me The Rock. SueB's charity game reports are mentioned there as the "double-wide" contribution from Bright Side of the Sun. (I guess they weren't reading this site during the summer league games, or they would know that "double-wide" is how we do things around here :) ). Anyway, congratulations SueB!

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