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Since mentioned our Q&A with Dan, it seems only fitting that I create a post mentioning them. In the latest blog entry from Jeramie McPeek, he talks about everything going on at, and introduces Dan as the soon-to-be moderator for their blogs:

I have also asked [Dan] to take over moderation of this official Suns blog. It wasn't in the original job description, but his license plate reads "SNSBLGR," for crying out loud. How could I not ask him to oversee the blog?
That probably means Dan's first post there will be appearing any time now. [Update: it's out there now. Read it here.]

They also have some photos from yesterday's Newsroom opening, and a video of KTAR's broadcast of the event. The video features Amare Stoudemire (sporting his new self-described "hip-hop" Mohawk), the Gorilla, Mike D'Antoni, and two of the Suns dancers. Robert Sarver also makes a brief appearance at the end, although the entire discussion is a lighthearted one about the dancers, so no opportunity to grill him over the Kurt Thomas trade or the draft picks.

A couple of notes from the interview with Mike D'Antoni:

  • Boris Diaw has lost 10 pounds.
  • Raja Bell may play for the Virgin Islands this summer. (I guess that means his recovery from knee surgery is going well).
It also sounds like the Suns are planning to wait out P.J. Brown until the bitter end. In fact, D'Antoni raised nary an objection to the suggestion that of the big men available, P.J. is the only one that could reasonably expect to get playing time if he were signed. That's kind of a scary thought. I sure hope Amare's three-a-day workouts include lots of training on how to defend the likes of Tim Duncan (just in case I'm wrong in my steadfast belief that Steve Kerr really isn't crazy enough to start the season with only Amare and Sean Marks at the center spot should P.J. turn us down).

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