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Matrix Mania Part 2 - Shawn Marion on YouTube

Before we begin Part 2 of our Shawn Marion "Matrix Mania" feature, I'd like to thank the members who submitted some really great comments to Part 1. It's clear that Shawn is a favorite amongst the fans here. First, there was jasonsuns1 who said (among lots of other nice observations):

So many good thoughts, so many hustle plays, like the rebound that gave Nash a second three point shot that he made in a big game last yr. I have a friend that has family that works directly with the Suns, and he says it's pretty common knowledge that the Suns run fast and are in great shape, but Marion is another level above them. He simply can run and hustle more, and longer than anyone, and what's amazing is he's doing this against younger players also.
Plus, I liked the coment from 7 seconds or less about the guy whose job it is to keep an eye on players while on trips. He said if there's one player he doesn't ever have to worry about getting into trouble, it'd be Marion.
Then, there was JSun who had this to say about The Matrix:
Marion is the hardest working guy in the NBA. The funny thing about his conditioning is that I think he only loses energy when he's sitting on the bench.
I've edited the above comments a bit to save space, so be sure to catch the full version of them here.

Now, we'll move on to some visuals. For those reading this blog at the Sporting News site, please visit Bright Side of the Sun to see the YouTubes.

First, we'll start with a selection suggested by JSun. Here is Shawn dunking on (literally!) Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks:

We all make rookie mistakes, even The Matrix. Here's a clip of him almost dunking in the other team's basket. The look on his face afterwards is the best part:

Here is one suggested by whatisboxhappening. Marion shows off his toilet to Nothing But Net host Jamie Morris:

I'm including this next one especially for Lori Ann and anyone else who's not fond of rap music and its derivatives. This is a mix featuring both Shawn and Amare Stoudemire set to the song Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz:

And lastly, here's a mix featuring Shawn by himself. Check out that fancy pass he makes near the beginning:

Thanks again for all the comments and YouTube suggestions. For more Shawn Marion YouTubes, go here. Next up: Leandro Barbosa Day (actual name still pending). We'll do that sometime later this week or early next, depending on what else is happening in Suns-world.

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