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Lunchtime News Report (Donaghy, Hill, and P.J)

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A few bits of news have piled up the past couple of days while work was holding me hostage again. AZCentral reports that Tim Donaghy received one payment in Phoenix from his sideline gig of providing "insider information" to gamblers. Personally, what I find most disturbing about this whole ordeal is the following statement:

Donaghy had "unique access," including what crews would officiate at games, the interaction of different officials and players, and the physical condition of certain players.
Like someone pointed out in Marc Stein's chat this morning (Insider link, sorry), isn't that basically an admission that officials allow their past experiences with certain players to influence their judgment? I guess it's nothing fans didn't already suspect, but still...

Speaking of money changing hands in Phoenix, AZCentral also reports that Grant Hill has purchased a $3.78 million home in Paradise Valley. I'm really glad to hear this. Nothing says "I'm all in" when starting a new job like buying a home and relocating your family. (And nothing says "I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams" like paying 99.5% of your next two years' salary in cash for your new digs).

Moving on from a man who's already found a home to a man who's still trying to decide where his next home will be, there was apparently no truth to the rumor that P.J. Brown was spotted in Phoenix this week. East Valley Tribune's Jerry Brown says that not only was P.J. not in Phoenix, neither was Steve Kerr, David Griffin, or Robert Sarver. Even the Dallas Morning News blog that made it sound credible when they mentioned the rumor yesterday is now saying otherwise. So I guess we're back to just waiting on P.J. to make up his mind. To be honest, my natural-born skeptical side isn't counting on him signing here, but take that with a grain of salt since I said the same thing about Grant Hill shortly before he made it clear Phoenix was his preferred destination all along.


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