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Marion and Barbosa in Brazil

Shawn Marion and Leandro Barbosa are currently in Brazil as part of Basketball without Borders. has some photos. I see Anderson Varejao standing next to Leandro in a couple of those. Hopefully, Leandro is spending the week convincing Varejao he should give up millions to come play for the Suns on a luxury tax-friendly deal. Meanwhile, the Matrix looks like he's having a blast, grinning from ear to ear in practically every shot he's in.

Seven Games in Ten Days? Perhaps I should have taken a closer look at that schedule for the upcoming season before pronouncing it an "easy start" for the Suns. What I failed to notice in my rush to finish my post while simultaneously eating lunch, is that the Suns start off the season with three back-to-back sets in their first ten games. That means they play seven times between November 1 and November 10 before they finally get a two-day break. To make matters worse, all but two of those seven games are on the road. Our guys sure better get plenty of rest the next three months!

House finds a New Home: Former Sun Eddie House has joined KG and the Celtics after spending the past year in New Jersey. Once again, he is on a one-year deal ($1.5 million). I think this guy might be going for some kind of record, playing for a different team every year.

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