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Waiting on P.J.

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This is kind of old news, but since nothing else is really going on in Suns-world at the moment...

The Arizona Republic reported a few days ago that the Suns are still waiting on P.J. Brown to decide if he wants to continue playing or retire. According to the article, Steve Kerr spoke with P.J. on Thursday, but other than saying he wants to play for a title contender if at all, it doesn't sound like he's really decided anything. Wanting to play for a contender should mean that the Suns would be a possibility, but several other teams (including Dallas) are mentioned as being interested too. Here's hoping P.J. makes a decision soon--the suspense is killing me! (And even if it's bad news, better to know it now while there are still some "Plan B" options available).

Speaking of big guys on the move, ESPN and other media outlets reported today that Jermaine O'Neal had publicly expressed a desire to be traded to the Lakers. It sounded like he not only wished to be traded to that specific team, but also wanted some say in which players were involved:

"Larry Bird is a hard man to deal with," O'Neal said. "He tries to make unfair trades. He wants to gut a team, but the Lakers are trying to get over the hump. I want Indiana to benefit, but with some nice young players and draft picks. I want to make it clear that I don't want to gut a team that I come to because then it'll be like I'm in Indiana all over again.

Wow, OK... I want to leave your team, and I also want you to give me away for pennies on the dollar too. Nice. The article is filled with all kinds of "Kobe-love" quotes from O'Neal as well (which I'm sure is why I'm not my usual "human-perspective"-understanding self on this one). Of course, that article was just begging for one of those "absolutely nothing to it" follow-ups, and sure enough, here it is. Didn't we just go through this whole "wants to be traded/no he doesn't" routine with Kobe a couple of months ago? I think I'm starting to understand why these two guys might want to be on the same team.

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