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"Amare Day" Continues

No self-respecting Amare Day would be complete without some YouTube highlights of the man himself. If you're reading this from work, you might want to put on your headphones or mute the volume. Wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble with the boss.

First, a top-10 from last season:

Amare in a high school slam dunk contest:

The famous Nash-to-Amare "header dunk" from the 2005 All Star Dunk contest:

Last, one of the many, many "Amare Mix" videos on YouTube. This one has plays from both before and after the "lost" year. I picked it for that reason, and because I liked the music. The lyrics kind of fit with a lot of the "life story" comments Amare makes to the media about how God and religion have played a role in seeing him through the tough times.

Still can't get enough YouTubes of Amare? Go here for about 1600 more of them.

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