Brazil national team: Guards

Brazil National team is one of the most talented teams in the world. No joke. Which only makes it more mind blogging they have failed to achieve any significant sucess with it. Everybody has to take the blame for it at some point, and it will probably be the head coach if they fail this time. But enough of coaches.

Alex Garcia - guard/forward - 1,91m - 27 years - Universo/BRB (DF): Alex is one of the brazilian located best players for a number of years. Decent outside shot, great atleticism, very good slasher. Good passer. Not selfish. Always plays hard and fearless. Very good defensive player. Could ve sticked on the NBA if it wanst for injuries. Won everything that could be won aroun here while on COC´s team.

Welington dos Santos (Nezinho) - guard- 1,86m - 26 years - Universo/BRB (DF): Alongside Alex and Renato, won everything on COC´s team. Very streak shooter, a very ofensive minded for a point guard
(selfish) , but always played defense. Also a winner. Not very consistent. But also one of the best local players. Not my personal favorite.

Marcelo Huertas - guard- 1,91m - 23 years- Joventud de Badalona (EspanHa): Very young and a bit too inexperienced at this time. Very talented and ofensive minded, but tends to comit too many mistakes. Had visions of playing in the NBA early in his career, and maybe he can still make it, but will have too polish his game a lot. Fearless, a bit to his fault. A little bit out of control (more than Barbosa), very quick with decent atleticism and great ball-handling. A good shooter and can put some ofense of the dribble. Can play some defense.

Valter Apolinário da Silva (Valtinho) - guard - 1,97m - 30 years- Unitri/Converse (MG): Best brazilian point guard, period. Unfortunatly, the team he played for no longer exists, and he´s currently unemployed. Had been out for a number of years of the national team because of divergences with Brazilian Basketball confederation, or CBB on Brazil, directors. Plays great defense, always hits the open guy and know when to pick his spot and attack. Very unselfish, often too a fault, as he is a great shooter, but passes the open shot to often. Is not asked to score and could care less about it. Scores a bit more when playing for teams in Brazil. Commits very few mistakes.

Marcelinho Machado - guard/foward - 32 years - 2,00m - Zalgiris Kauras (Lituânia): Arguably the national team most talented player, and I´m including all brazilian NBA players on this equation. And also the source of biggest frustration on the national team. Longest ternured national team player of the current group and team captain. Amazing shooter with the feet set. Can shoot down an opposing team by itself, but most unfortunate, shoots Brazil teams with himself a good portion of the time. Awesome passer with outstanding court vision, but as he as shoot-first, second, and third, you tend not to see his passing a lot of the time. Seems to have growed up a little and is not the "bad-shot" machine he was some time back there, but is still propense to try to shot a 3 pointer from like NBA 3 point line with 2 guys all over him. Average athlete. Decent ball-handling. Average defender. Tends to pump-fake his defender from 3 point line in hopes of getting the guy on the air and jumping on him to get to the line. As he tries this to often, a good deal of the time he will end with forced 3 point shot. Very cluth, shoot down quite a lot of opponents at the 4° quarter buzzer and has a knack for coming with key defensive plays as the seconds wound down. Always had a "personal agenda" when playing on the national team, and firmly believes he ofense should run through rim instead of our bigs. Has always been accused for being selfish and trying to do too much, and is usually the player that most often takes the blame.