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He's Baaaack! Joey Crawford Reinstated

I apologize for the lack of activity the past few days. It's been a rather busy, hectic week. I'm planning another "player day" soon, most likely featuring Raja Bell this time. It should be out tomorrow or maybe the day after, barring any major news. In the meantime, for anyone who hasn't already heard...

Joey Crawford, who was suspended back in April when he ejected Tim Duncan for laughing, has been reinstated. I guess after the Tim Donaghy ordeal, even challenging a player to a fight doesn't seem so bad anymore. As a Suns fan, I would be lying if I said the sorry chain of events that ended the Suns-Spurs series hadn't made me a lot more amicable toward any ref with the guts to stand up to the Spurs. I still think Crawford went too far with the ejection back in April, but I'll also fess up to being happy he's getting another chance. I wonder, though, will fear of getting suspended again dissuade Crawford from calling it like he sees it against the Spurs, or will he continue sticking to his guns? I'm guessing the latter--he seems far too stubborn to be intimidated that easily. What do ya'll think?

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