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2007 FIBA Americas Championship Finals Game Thread

With the Olympic berths already decided, all that's left is seeing who gets the medals and who goes home empty-handed. First, Brazil will play Puerto Rico for the bronze medal at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern, followed by Team USA vs. Argentina for the gold at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Both games are on NBATV,, and FSN in certain areas.

For Brazil, especially, today's game would seem to be an anti-climatic, bittersweet experience after coming so close to making the Olympics but falling short. Puerto Rico is in the same boat, although they had to have known that beating Team USA in last night's semi-finals round was a near impossibility. I think the psychological advantage goes to Puerto Rico here. Without Nene, and with nothing left to play for but pride, really, I'm not sure what to expect from Brazil. It would be nice to see them finish on a high note (especially the Suns' guy, Leandro Barbosa), but it won't be easy, especially given what happened the last time Brazil faced Puerto Rico after a tough loss.

Team USA vs. Argentina should feature two teams in much better spirits, having both secured their Olympic berths last night. Argentina has to be especially happy, seeing as how they accomplished this task without several of their NBA players. It was really a testament to how solid and committed they are as an organization that they were able to pull this off. Still, I think this is as far as it goes for them. I haven't seen anything yet to make me think Team USA won't continue to get it done, and finish the tournament undefeated.

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