grant hill, nash, amare, suns trainers!!!

There's an azrepublic article out that really gets me excited, maybe as excited as I've ever been about the Suns chances this season.

Link to az article

First off, I've only been closely following the Suns for 3 years now, before that, you'd have to go back to Barkley and before for me to have been watching the nba much. So, I've heard of Hill, but hadn't seen much of his play. I knew he was thought of as the guy Jordan was passing the torch to when he retired (10 times or whatever), so I watched a few youtube videos

You tube video 1

You tube video 2

You tube video 3

I especially liked his suns interview. But, back to the az article, when reading about how he's been able to play on the court this early apparently due to the suns trainer techniques, and how excited he is, I really start to get excited. This guy (G.Hill) is a class act, and I think it's fate that we got him, I just have to say, I can't wait for this team to start playing... I'm buying a sports package so I can watch all of their season games!! I can't believe Marion isn't excited about having this guy come onboard. Or if he is, it sure hasn't influenced Marion to be excited about being with the Suns. I feel like Miami just after landing Shaq. Of course, the Suns team was already a championship level team, but this helps a lot!! New Suns slogan...."Older is better, next year we're trying bionics"