Brazilian National Team: fowards/centers

Here goes the forwards and centers. I wanted to have finished before the competition was up, but couldn´t. But here goes anyway:

Guilherme Giovannoni - foward - 2,04m - 26 years -
Bologna (Itália): The type of player who does everything well, but really doenst excel at anything. Can shoot, pass, play defense, post, but is average at any single thing. Mister average should be his nickname. kinda a glue guy and is a starter on the national team for a good portion of time simply by the lack of a better choice. Even his atleticism is average. Marquinhos (New Orleans Hornets) should ve started in his place in my opinion.

Murilo Becker da Rosa - Center - 2,11m - 24 anos - Unimed/Franca (SP): It took him like forever to learn to play. Very frustating too see he play early in his career. Saw him iss from point balnk too many times to remember. Finally seen to have put some fundamentals down and is like reasonable player right now. Doenst have a lot of post moves. Average rebounder. Quite quick for a guy his size and can put the ball on the floor a little. It´s, in fact, his main form of attack. Extended his shooting range for fiba 3 point line. Couldnt shoot from like 5 feet to save his life a little earlier in his career. Is going to play on Europe after a a very good presentation on Pan-American games.

João Paulo Batista - Center - 25 years - 2,06m - Lietuvos Rytas (Lituânia): You people probably know him more than I do. Played in the colleage up there on the USA. Being sincere, I had not seen him play before the Pan-American games and I was pretty impressed with him. Has the fundamentals down. Barely commits mistakes. Barely misses. tends to do the right play almost all the time. Will just get the ball and put in the hoop in the most simple form possible. Has some post moves. Average rebounder. Pretty smart player. All in all, a very very solid player. A shame he couldnt get on the NBA. He´s ceartainly better than a lot of people who are right now there, even if he will never be much more than he is right now: a very solid role player.

Marcus Vinicius Vieira (Marquinhos) - Foward - 22 years - New Orleans Hornets (NBA): Has plenty of talent, but has not had the opportunity to display it. Needs to work on his fundamentals. Can do a little bit of everything and is fairly atletic. Shoot, pass, drible, rebound. Has a few post moves. Not as good of a defender as he should be, and not that willing at it either. His release on the jumper is a bit slow, even if his accuracy is very good when he takes his time. If he puts the necessary work, which is a little bit dubious at best if he will indeed, will stick around on the NBA and make a good, solid carrer for himself. Was seen at the NBDL most of the time last season. Will never be a star, but can be a 15/4/4 guy eventually.

Maybyner Hilário (Nenê) - Forward/Center- 2,11m - 24 years - Denver Nuggets (NBA): Pretty much everybody knows of him. Came back very strong on the later part of the season. Not everybody knows it, but Amare has a bit of rivalry against Nene, cause he was taken 2 slots slower. Too bad, Denver could ve had both XD instead of a player with a name I cant even pronounce and is almost out of the league. Pay attention next time both are on the court. But as a player, I like him very much. Vey post moves. Doenst have a lot of range on his shot, but you will see him eventually putting the ball of the glass, Duncan style. Very strong and the defender that Amare is far away at becoming. Not that much of a shot blocker, but Nene actually could do a thing or two against Duncan on the defensive end, unlike Amare. Defensive wise, relies more on strengh and contesting an opponent shot only when he´s about to shoot it, not bitting very easy on pump fakes. Can put the ball on the floor, but only really does it on the break, as he himself leads it at times. Atletic wise, not much to be said. Even with the injuries, is still an atletic freak. Very fast and strong. Will dunk in your face a good deal of the time. Very strong. Also, unlike Amare, actually has court vision and can get the ball to the open guy, I.E. can create offense for others players out of a double team, a thing that Amare has yet to learn. Can do some fancy passing. Not that good of a free throw shooter. Ridicuosly bad defensive rebounder for a guy his size with that much atleticism. Camby cant really be snatching all these rebounds away from him. Very good ofensive rebounder. All in all, a very talented big. But getting on the last hour on the national team only hurt us. If he´s to come back again, he needs to be incorporated far sooner.

Tiago Splitter - Pivô - 2,11m - 22 years - Tau Cerâmica (Espanha): The player the Suns will deeply regret passing and the fans will cringe everytime he makes Amare life hard. Absolutely fearless. Doenst shy away from nobody. One of the best defenders on Europe, even if more of a position defender instead of the shot block variety. Very good help defender. His defensive game allowed Scola too run wild for a number of years on Europe, allowing him to not worry much about the opposing big best player. Very quick, but not a great leaper. Can put the ball on the floor and hit the open guy when doubled. Very smart basketball player and makes the right decision all the time. Very coachable. Good and developing post moves. Good rebounder defensive wise. Very energetic. Lost the outside shot he once had when he got to Europe. Is NBA ready. The one player that nobody can say anything bad about on the national team. Has kept the level against any opponent. My favorite player on the national team. Cant wait for him to get on the NBA.

I will refrain from posting abou Barbosa. Everyone knows a thing or two about him.