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Leandro Barbosa Day: Celebrating The Brazilian Blur

After failing to lead his Brazilian national team to the Olympics, I'm thinking Leandro Barbosa could use a bit of cheering up. So, how about we make him our next featured player with a tribute of YouTubes, trivia, and more. Just like we've been doing, we'll start with a facts and trivia post, and tomorrow we'll move on to the visuals. Feel free to mention your favorite LB moments and videos in the comments. You never know when they might show up in tomorrow's post. As for me, my favorite "Blur" moment is without a doubt watching Leandro take it to the Lakers over and over again during the playoffs in 2006. Each time he blew by every Laker on the floor for yet another layup, you could just see his confidence starting to grow. That game winner against the Bulls this past season wasn't bad either.

A Few Quick Facts about Leandro (from Wikipedia,, LB's NBA player profile page, and other sources):

Full Name: Leandro Mateus Barbosa

Birth Date: November 28, 1982 (São Paulo, Brazil)

Height: 6'3" (with a 6'10" wingspan)

Weight: 188lbs


Also, if you haven't read it yet, be sure to catch Gregory Dole's Rolling with Leandro series for the story about how The Brazilian Blur became a Phoenix Sun.

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