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Game Day Open Thread: Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz

Phoenix Suns

Utah Jazz
25-10 19-17
8:30 PM Mountain / 10:30 PM Eastern
TV: My45 HD, TNT

No Steve Nash, no Grant Hill, no problem. But that was last night against the now 16-21 Indiana Pacers. And "no problem" isn't exactly accurate, as it took a late surge in overtime to dispatch a Pacers team that was missing Jermaine O'Neal. This will be the Utah Jazz, who are 19-17 and have a better home record (13-3) than the Suns (12-4). They've had their ups and downs this season, though, and are 5-5 in their last 10 games. Ironically, they are coming off of their own win over Indiana, 111-89. See if this sounds familiar:

"Our energy was definitely higher than it has been in a long time. We had 29 deflections by halftime, so guys were hustling."
That Deron Williams quote was from the preview for the game. Sounds a lot like what the Suns were saying after that big win over Denver a few nights ago.

Well, no Steve Nash has usually meant no win for the Suns in the past three seasons. That was supposed to be different this year, in large part because of the arrival of Grant Hill. Unfortunately, the Suns won't get to put that theory to the test as Grant Hill is at home recovering from an appendectomy. However, like srp said in the comments of JSun's diary, this team sorely needs to practice playing without Nash. And hey, with these guys you never know. It might end up in the "W" column after all.

The Suns didn't have Nash (or Hill, obviously) for this November 2006 game in Utah either, and here's how close they came to winning it anyway:

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