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Hawks-Heat Do Over and Other News

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Before tipoff of their game on March 8, the Hawks and Heat will replay the final 51.9 seconds of their game from December 19. Why is this relevant to a Suns blog? Well, the Hawks won that game in overtime, but the Heat had to finish the game without Shaquille O'Neal because the Atlanta scorekeeper erroneously said he fouled out. Atlanta was leading 114-111 at the time, but Miami was still within striking distance. Hey, any potential Atlanta loss is a good thing for the Suns. But part of me still thinks "Give me a break!" (The other part of me wonders if we could have a re-do of that Tim Donaghy-tainted Game 3 in the 2007 playoffs).

In other news, it sounds like Shawn Marion is good to go tomorrow, and maybe Steve Nash too. From The Arizona Republic:

"It feels good, definitely," he said. Asked if he would play against the Bucks, Marion said, "Oh yeah."

Of course, this is some more ammunition for our friends at My Utah Jazz, who think there was something fishy about Marion's missing the game last night. Apparently they weren't watching the game against Indiana on Thursday when Shawn basically landed from alley-oop height right on his elbow and shoulder. I nearly grabbed my own elbow in pain when I saw that!

On Nash from the same article:

"He's getting back to a more normal diet. He anticipates being here for shootaround tomorrow and hopefully going tomorrow night."

Sounds like good news.

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