Suns Need a New Intro

Not having been to a game at any other arena, I'm not sure how teams handle this problem.  What happens when a guy featured in the pre-game intro doesn't play?

For those of you who cannot/do not attend games, you can download the Suns intro via podcasting.  My brother thinks the shirt-less thing is slightly homo-erotic and notes that Boris keeps his shirt on -- which is interesting because all over Dirty Scottsdale, his shirt is off with his love handles flapping in the breeze.

Anyway, Marcus Banks has a pretty dominant role.  Do you think the ad department consults with the coaches on this?  Really, now.  Even going into the season, it was somewhat unlikely that Banks was going to get extensive playing time.  Now, his minutes are looking thinner than ever.  For the time being, DJ is going to get those minutes.

Skinner deserves Banks' spot in the intro.  He's usually the eighth guy off the bench and the fans are taking to him.  That would be pretty cool, having the The Principal blow something up or tear something down.  We'll give the Suns a pass on that one, because I think he's been a pleasant surprise and no one would've seen him blossoming when he reported to training camp.

It's kind of embarassing to see this guy highlighted when he's only going to get PT in garbage time.

It's mid-season, so it seems to me that the intro can be changed.  Anyone know who I should call at the Suns' PR department?