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T-Wolves Devour Suns: 107 - 117

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Let's all just stop and marvel at the awe inspiring performance of your Minnesota Timberwolves. Fans, its time to join this band wagon before all the seats are taken. We just witnessed a dominating performance shooting 50% from the field and a +25 on the glass combined with the all star performance from our young stud and a defensive smothering of the all purpose Frenchman - holding Diaw to only 4 pts and 2 rebounds in 23 minutes.

Not buying that one?

Ok, how about the simple answer. The Suns in the back to back forgot to pack their "give a damn" in the gym bags and rolled out on the floor ready to stomp a JV team and instead got schooled by the cheerleaders in the powder puff game.

Let's forget the game for a minute and get to the real question here. Do we give `em a pass for playing a crappy team on the road having to deal with a 79 degree temperature swing (59 in Phx vs. -20 in Minny) or do we go back to questioning this team's heart, character, chemistry, roster and intro music ?

You will have to answer that one folks because I am looking on the bright side:

  • We get to enjoy loads of fun headlines in tomorrow's papers like: "Wolves bite Suns" or "Suns get frost bit" or "Suns play like dogs"
  • We did manage to shoot 56% which will increase our already league high average FG% from 48.99 to 49.01. Wohoo! Over 49%!
  • Amare was an incredible 14 of 16 shooting with 6 huge rebounds in 32 minutes. That's right 6. Double Marion's 3 and one more then Hill's 5 and two more then LB's 4. And that spells trouble folks with a capital T
  • We might be eligible for some kind of kick back from Al Jefferson's agent
  • The team gets to enjoy a well deserved day off in Cleveland. Golf anyone?
  • The Lakers lost (thanks Kwame!)
  • We didn't lose by 36 (thanks Wiz!)
  • And the best of all! Circle April 4th Suns fans. Its revenge time! Tickets on sale now.
Player of the game:

I think I'll pass. Upon further reflection I am awarding this to me for an outstanding rookie posting and blogging through the pain of a swollen ankle (rolled it Saturday). Does anyone doubt that my effort exceeded that of all Suns not named Nash?

Stat of the game:

Ok, seriously now. It's minus 20 fringing degrees in Minnesota. I don't think people appreciate how cold that is if you live in Phoenix where I was wearing shorts today. I am going to Minneapolis next week and my toes shiver just thinking about it. That has to count for something right? Brrrrrrrrrr

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