8 Tough Games Next 30 Days!

It's really simple, during the next 30 days we play 8 tough games. How will we do? Personally, I'm most excited to see the 2 N.O. games or Boston, huh...wait..I mean the wait...I mean the Lakers (revenge...). Really, I haven't seen a month with so many great teams set to play against us.

1-31-2008 (Home) S.A......28-14
2-6-2008 (Home) N.O.......31-12
2-13-2008 (Away) G.S......26-18
2-14-2008 (Home) Dallas...29-13
2-20-2008 (Home) Lakers...27-14
2-22-2008 (Home) Boston...34-7
2-24-2008 (Home) Detroit..31-13
2-27-2008 (Away) N.O......31-12

I'm making my predictions, but I will say this, even with the 2 losses to MN, I still think if we don't get destroyed on rebounds but stay within 5-8 behind, I think we can beat everyone of these teams. Some of the talk I've read about the Suns needing another big that can get 25 minutes a game and rebound 5-10 a game, plus 10 points a game sounds like that'd be enough to tip the scales for us. I've heard the argument that a player (a rebounding big) wouldn't fit into our system, and to that I say who cares. K.Thomas didn't fit, and helped us (and hurt us a little). predictions..

Lose to S.A. by 5 (Duncan has our number, especially minus that big we need)


Lose to N.O. by 10 (they're hot)

Beat G.S. by 5

Beat Dallas by 10 (we've got their number)

Beat Lakers by 10 (missing Bynum, they're simply not the same, maybe 20% weaker)

Beat Boston by 2 (This is such a new team player   wise, I really have little to say before this first game)

Lose to Detroit by 6
Detroit is stronger in my view than in their last 2-3 years

Beat N.O. by 5

Final tally 6-2

It'd be a great win for us....
Of course these are wild guesses...