Banks vs. Bell

Over the last few games, Banks has been doing the Raja Bell thing better than Raja Bell.

He's knocking down open threes and pestering offensive players.  Sound familiar?  Before he got in the game, AI had 17; AI ended up with 32.

Bell is one of my favorite players to ever wear the purple-and-orange, but he's slipping.  I don't know if it's the injuries or what, but he does not currently merit 30+ minutes per game.  I'm not even so sure he should be starting any more.  He was brought here to guard Manu the Machine.  Perhaps he should sit on the bench until Manu comes in, and then follow Manu to the bench when Manu takes a break.

Banks cannot create his own shot off the dribble (he always misses those shots) but can drive.  His assist numbers are not stellar and those may never go up as I'm not convinced he's the sharpest tool in the shed.  However, it does seem that he can give a good energy-packed 10 minutes per game.

Reducing Boris' minutes and Bell's minutes allows Coach D to go 9 deep.  It seems that Skinner and Banks should be getting some of those minutes, right?