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The Hollinger Challenge

I challenge you to find one team blog that agrees with the Hollinger review of said team.

Here's an example of the typical response to Hollinger from our friend at BJD: 

Whoa.  Wow.  Jeez.  Oh man.  Holy sh*t.  That’s what I found myself saying when reading John Hollinger’s Phoenix Suns season preview.  

Hollinger loves Nash and Amare (how can one not?) but isn’t a big fan of the changes Steve Kerr made in the offseason.

Okay, okay.  He hates, despises, loathes, the changes Steve Kerr made to the team in the offseason.

and another...

It's been a long day at zillions of family events for the Jewish New Year, so I'm pretty tired, but I did notice that Mr. John Hollinger issued another pessimistic prediction for our Wizards today.  I've spilled tons of cyber ink trying to debunk his claims in the past, but at this point, it's not really worth the effort.

I find it best to ignore the Hollinger previews. I believe he had the Rockets winning the chip last year.
Besides, if you want to know how the Suns are going to do you might as well read our prediction. We certainly can't do any worse then the "professionals" from the Four Letter Behemoth.


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