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Shaq calls Spurs Cowards and Disses Nash and Amare


Audio from after today's practice. You can hear the following tidbits...

  • Barnes talks about fitting in with the Suns
  • Porter talks about Barnes fitting in and how things are going and about  Tucker's strained calf which might keep him benched for the next game but isn't serious
  • Shaq calls the Spurs cowards for employing the hack-a-Shaq while leading by 10 and claims that the tactic didn't work since the Spurs didn't get past the Lakers. Huh?
  • Shaq takes credit for Posey's and Capono's contracts and how guys just need to play off him and he will make them rich
  • Shaq talks about how his guards don't stay in front of their man which makes him have to cover guys like Tony Parker and that he makes Tony take a tough shot but his team mates then have to box out Duncan so he doesn't get the board
  • Shaq talks about how poor the Suns rotations were against the Spurs leading to Duncan hitting a "fucking three" (Amare - he might be talking to you)
  • Shaq explains how being a great team mate and leader means always supporting his guys and how he never gets down on those around him and how he wouldn't ever hand out blame to his fellas and how he's going to shoot 80% from the line...or not


Audio clip with only Shaq

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  [Note by Phoenix Stan, 10/15/08 9:19 AM PDT ]

My bad. I misremembered the many end of game daggers from game 1 of the Spurs series last year.

Amare didn't switch on Finley's end of game 3. He wasn't on the floor for Duncan's fucking three. That would have been either Nash or Bell that should have followed Shaq's defensive call to switch.

I do agree with Shaq that everyone needs to be on the same page. I am so glad he's here to provide leadership and enhance team chemistry by calling these things out and making it clear that shooting 50% from the line isn't his fault but should be blamed on the cowardly Spurs.

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