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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Spurs

Phoenix Suns

San Antonio Spurs
0-0 0-0
5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Tony Parquer
Raja Bell SG Michael Finley
Matt Barnes
SF Bruce Bowen
Amare Stoudemire
PF Oberto Kurt Thomas
Shaq C Mr. Tim Duncan
Official Suns Game Notes

Game On!

I have a lot's more to say about this game later but in the mean time chew on this


Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 10/29/08 3:36 PM PDT ]

Delayed (and Rushed) Keys to a Magnificent Opening Night Game Against the Gosh Darn San Antonio Spurs

  • Sit back and take it all in. The season is a marathon and tonight is only the first step on a long journey. Relax and enjoy watching our boys play again.
  • It's all new to me (and them). One of the great joys in following a team closely is getting to know them so well that you can predict what they are going to do next and immediately spot when they do something unusual. Tonight everyone is starting over. We are watching a new team play a new type of game and it will all be unfamiliar. It will also be unfamiliar to the team so this is a learn as we go situation. Put your thinking caps on and have your Tivo remote ready. School is now in session.
  • Same faces / New faces. Going along with the new style of play are lots of fun new faces to keep an eye on. And because two of those fresh faces are rookies we will have the chance (that we haven't had in years) to really grow with them as the season progresses. I am looking forward to meeting our new Suns and watching our more er...senior...players adapt to the Porter Way.
  • Damn Spurs. Once again the Spurs are rolling out a line up that barely looks better then the mid-tier Eastern Conference wanna be. But we know better Suns fans don't we. I am done counting these zombies out until The Night of the Live Dead is truly over. No Manu. No Oberto. No Horry. No Barry. No funeral yet.
  • X's and O's. From the Suns offense you can look for off the ball movement, screens and cuts with fewer pick and rolls and drive and kick. The ball will spend more time in the post and (hopefully) more time in Amare's hands where it can be sent home

  • Defense. That's where you try and stop the other team from scoring.

WARNING: This Phoenix Suns team is very much a work in progress

DO NOT PANIC if there are early season losses and a general look of discombobulation

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