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Amare's Eye Worse then Thought - Thanks Boris

This started out as a minor training camp thing. Not so much anymore....

In this audio clip provided by Suns flagship station we hear from Amare that his eye is worse then thought:

  • His iris and pupil are torn and he can't exercise at all for 7-10 days because it will increase his blood pressure and cause bleeding in his eye
  • Amare can't even rehab his sprained ankle
  • When it happened he was in terrible pain and thought he was blind
  • His eye is permanently deformed
  • He will wear goggles for the rest of his career
  • He will wear stylish goggles only
  • Amare is weeks away from playing

I think we can all agree that Amare should just sit out training camp for the rest of his career. He's certainly had some bad luck in October.

We probably also need to take a serious look at Boris' finger nails. I am perfectly willing to chip in for a manicure if that's what it takes.


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  Editorial Note: Other links on the topic from include these key facts:

    "Amare had a small tear of what is called the iris root," the Suns' team ophthalmologist told "This is where the colored part of the eye meets the white part of the eye on the inside."

    The injury is not serious, according to Dr. Schwartz, but could have been.

    "He is very lucky it was not worse," he said. "His cornea is fine, his retina is fine, his lens in his eye is fine. Those are three areas that could have also been damaged with an injury like this. Also it is possible to have some bleeding inside the eye with this kind of injury, but he had none. He did have some blurry vision out of that eye, which I expect to improve quickly."

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