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Post Home Opener Loss to the Hornets Locker Room Audio

Here's the full audio of Nash, Amare and Bell talking about the home opener loss.

Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR

  • This point has been made elsewhere on these digital pages - but who comes to the home opener without sufficient "energy". I just hope some heads are going to roll over that
  • And since TNT decided I needed to watch 10 minutes worth of the final 40 seconds of the Rox / Mavs games - can someone please tell me who to point the finger at? Who exactly of our five starters came out of the huddle not ready to play?
  • As Bell mentiones - I can live with the Hornets hitting some great shots. They are going to do that (especially to us it seems) and I get we are a "work in progress" but seriously - are we really talking about lack of effort in game two. I might just need to move to New York!
  • Has anyone else noticed that Amar'e (that is in fact the new and proper spelling) seems to have gone to PR school. He's becoming a 75% shooting, dunk monster, cliche machine. Thankfully, he didn't go to the Shaq school of Foot in Mouth
  • Here's also a link to the Sun's locker room quotes

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/01/08 8:42 AM PDT ]

I finally was able to watch the second half of this game this morning. A few quick thoughts:

  • I completely agree with our resident former pro basketball player Panama Sun when he breaks down the Suns bench
  • Dragic in the second half looked sharp on D. He was very active both on Paul and helping. He made some very good decisions about when and where to position himself and several times quickly came and helped pressure shooters. He also is a VERY good rebounder for his position. He's a rookie and was never going to come in and tear it up in his first few games but I am impressed with his potential
  • The come back in the fourth quarter was fueled by defensive energy from the bench and blown by Nash's turnovers - did you get that? Hard to believe huh
  • The Hornet shot the crap out of the ball which they always seem to do against us. Overall, I am not bummed by this game. In fact I am impressed by how the team responded to what must have been a serious ass chewing in the locker room over half time
  • Remember last season when the Suns won game 1 on the road against the Sonics (remember them?) and then came back and got blown out by the Lakers in game 2. I would call this an improvement over last year's start. So far.
  • It pains me to say this - but Shaq has looked very good in two games. I like that they limited his minutes last night. I seriously doubt he can keep this up but if he does....
  • I watched Kenny and Chuck dog the Suns bench and I couldn't disagree more. They are right that the Lakers are very deep and that the Suns will need to be deep as well which is exactly why I am impressed with how Porter is developing the bench so far. Remember how long it took those Lakers like Farmar and Vujvich to figure it out?


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