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Gameday Thread - Suns vs. Jazz

Phoenix Suns


Utah Jazz
0-0 0-0
6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Deron Williams
Raja Bell SG Ronnie Brewer

Grant Hill(?)

SF Andrei Kirilenko
Boris Diaw
PF Paul Milsap
Shaq C Memhet Okur

There's not much I have to say about the Jazz. They are the one team in the West that didn't do all that much this off season.

The Lakers added Andrew Bynum.

The Blazers added Greg Oden, Jarryydd Bayless and twelve other decent players thanks to Paul Allen's deep pockets.

The Suns replaced the entire bench.

The Spurs got older.

The Jazz didn't seem to do much other then take Deron Williams a Ward house and bind him for eternity. He's a great catch and certainly will only get better but how good will Boozer be this year? I suspect he's peaked. So you are left with a Jazz team that couldn't beat a Bynum-less Lakers in the playoff's ending up about where they did last year. And the year before that. Which is still ahead of the Suns.

I exchanged a few questions with the boys over at True Blue Jazz (formerly known as My Utah Jazz).  You can check it out and perhaps help me understand how my assertion that there isn't a Suns - Jazz rivalry might have pissed them off so much. Shouldn't they be focused on the Trailblazers? Or the Nuggets? Or even the Lakers who we should all just agree to hate?

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