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Live French on French Action - Laying the Odds

The Blazer fans are pretty stoked about the performance of their young Frenchman Nicolas Batum. He appearantly had a pretty solid game last night against the Spurs including a block on Duncan.



I on the other hand have faith in our own French enigma in braids


So the bet is on. Ben from Blazers Edge has agreed to post a picture of himself in a Suns jersey on the front page of his site if our Frenchman out plays theirs. And I will do the same in the highly unlikely event that Batum out duels Diaw.

The measure is a simple points plus rebounds. Highest total wins.

Diaw FTW!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/01/08 10:28 PM PDT ]

Diaw: 9 pts, 2 rebs.
Batum: 4 pts, 1 rebs.

Even without his braids (seriously Boris - a mohawk?) experienced inconsistent French overcame young inconsistent French.

Ben, I will be mailing you my personal Shawn Marion road Orange #31 for your picture.

We meet again on the 22nd. Plenty of time to make all the arrangements :)

And one final image of why our Frenchman is better then their's...for now



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