Of Bibs and Goggles: A Photo-Journalistic History of this Year's MVP

I was up last night thinking about the possibilities of Twitter and the Scottsdale night life.  So, I looked around a bit.

I'm wondering if Amare should put his goggles back on.  Race to the MVP.  Oh, yeah.  Pics attached.

Quantity sometimes has a quality all its own:


I wonder if this is a part of one of those "rad" marketing campaigns and/or a "rad" marketing parter putting together a "rad" photo shoot.


I guess both photos were at the same place and near in time, becuase he's wearing a bib in both photos.

Do you think it was Barbecue rib night at Stoudemire's?  A lobster bib?  Forgetfull drunkenness?  Something else?

These are about a week old.  Sorry about my lack of vigilance.