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The Shaq Sock Puppet Saga Continues

Well sports Twitter fans, this just arrived in my email box:

I noticed your commentary about Shaq’s account on Twitter. I work for a Sports Marketing/PR company based in Charlotte, NC. We have partnered with Shaq to build his social media program in an effort to build out his brand even more.

Our online media monitoring tool, Buzz Manager, picked up online conversation about a Shaq twitter feed. The "ShaquilleONeal" account isn’t actually Shaq. Since finding out that somebody is impersonating him, Shaq has taken it upon himself to create a Twitter account and become active in this online space. His Twitter name is "The_Real_Shaq."

You can judge for yourself what this all means to the credibility of the internets, the rise and fall of decency in our society and the overall impact of sock puppetry on your faith in your fellow man.

Personally, I am having a hard time remembering why I cared about this.


But I do love this image of Shaq as a Sock Puppet.

And if you are curious if this new "Real Shaq" feed is really Shaq, here's the answer I received to that question:

These feeds are definitely coming from Shaq. We encourage him to join social media and blog networks, but will never write the content for him.

Our company, and me especially, are very opposed to ghost writing or unauthentic posts of any kind.

Sign up now and get live Shaq ramblings right in your cell phone! What could be better!

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