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Response is Critical

As anyone that knows me can attest to, my mood is generally reflective of how the Suns are doing as a whole.  This would include any off-season moves, wins or losses, reaction from how they played, injuries etc. – the list could go on.  Sure, it’s somewhat pathetic and ulcer-inducing, but that’s my life and I’m pretty set in my ways.   

So, naturally, seeing the Suns get picked apart by a Laker team that shot 47% from both the field and three-point line, this was my initial reaction:

After the swelling subsided, I convinced myself this could be a good thing for the Suns in the long run. 

Here are the things we learned last night:


Okay, those points are probably obvious.  But, sometimes you don’t see things until you see them.  The Lakers game exposed every single one of our weaknesses.  But, this is a good thing and we must show through our play the next few games that we are learning from this. 


Here’s how…


  • We need to come out pissed and ready for retribution.  Like we just got destroyed on national television by the defending Western Conference champions who we love to hate and is the best team in the NBA and hasn’t lost on the road all year and also has the MVP. 
  • Show that Shaq has a bigger role on offense, but isn’t the entire offensive philosophy. 
  • Give Amare and Boris more touches in the post.
  • Run.  Allow Nash to work in the open court.  He is too good not to have that opportunity.
  • Spread the floor, even in a set offense.  Last night there were a number of times where players ran into each other and cluttered the lane.  This makes it waaaay too easy for the opposing defense, especially for an outstanding defensive team like the Lakers.
  • The coaching staff needs to show they have the capability of making better in-game adjustments.
  • Winning.  Losing three in a row can be defeating early in the season, especially when the team is confused and a work in progress.

So, I am choosing not to go insane with anger or rush to judgment.  I’m nowhere near calling for any heads, wanting any trades, or looking to the draft.  Instead, let’s see how they respond in the next few games with their play.


Let’s give them a chance to be resilient.    


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/21/08 9:36 AM PST ]


I am going to piggy back this awesome post with the audio from last night's game.


I will also add my own No Hand-Wringing warning by reminding Suns fans that we knew this team was going to take some time and not to be so quick to jump to conclusions or abandon The Plan.


As much as the past was great, it wasn't working either and needed a change. Nash CAN NOT run the offense for 35mpg / 82 games and still have a hope of being effective come playoff time. He knows this as well as anyone even if his competitive spirit wants to try and take over each game.


There's a bigger picture here to think about and let's also not forget that we are missing Barbosa's 15ppg off the bench and combined with Tucker's injury is messing with the rotations. My only gripe is that I want to see more Lopez and less Shaq.

  • When Nash talks about the offense being different he IS NOT SAYING that is should go back to the way it was.
  • When Shaq talks about playing in-side out he IS NOT SAYING that all the touches should run through him
  • When Bell talks about not hitting open shots he IS SAYING that he needs to keep making his open 3's (47%) and stop trying to pretend he's Kobe shooting of the dribble 


Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR


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