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Dear Suns Fan, Please Chill

My friends, we are in for difficult times ahead. We may feel that evil forces are aligned against us and powers greater then ours seek our destruction but together we must unite and embrace the change and hope for victory lest our misery and dispair overwhelm us and we become what we fear most. Clippers fan.

It is only natural to yearn for the past and remember fondly the days of the run and the gun but it is the false promise of those memories that we must overcome.

Remember my friends that we are a planet united in Orange around a new mission. One of defense. And balance.

A mission that no longer can rely on the steady Candadian leadership of one strong but aging warrior.

A mission who's fate can no longer be determined by speed and daring alone.

A mission who's previous tragic destruction broke our collective spirits and sent us time and again weeping into the night.

It is our new mission my friends to be patient. It is our calling to embrace the reality of the old school.

So while your eyes might hurt and your heart might yearn we can not abandon so easily and so swiftly the call of the future. A future rooted so deeply in the glory of the past.

Be patient my friends. Our new journey has just begun.

And please chill the f&*k out.


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