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Week 4 Blogger Power Rankings

The Wisdom of Crowds theory says that a lot of people making small decisions will usually outperform the so-called experts. I am guessing though that 17 bloggers from all over the basketblogosphere don't have that fella in Bristol, CT shaking in his boots. Yet.

Here's how our crowd see's things in the association 4 weeks in.

#1 Lakers (sorry C's fans. It wasn't even close)

Here I thought the Lakers were committed to defense - Lakers Nation

How the hell do pundits still get away with acting like this is Kobe and a bunch of nobodies?  This team is nasty, and Kobe's worth maybe 20% of it's success. - Hornets 24/7

Could have put them No.1 but I hate Kobe. - Raptors HQ (picking LA #3)

If/when they win the ring, does Shaq have to shut up for life? - The Dream Shake (I am guessing that's not going to happen. Shaq shutting for life that is.)

#2 Celtics

If the bench keeps playing like this, you can go ahead and pencil the Celtics in for another NBA Finals appearance. - Empty the Bench

I'd drop 'em after quite a few shaky games. Problem is, nobody else is playing that well either. - At The Hive

Could somebody please tell Kevin Garnett to show a little bit of intensity? - 3 Shades of Blue

#3 Cavaliers

LeBron is a one man wrecking crew. MVP votes can be posted to the relevant address. - A Stern Warning

Is LeBron wanting C.C. Sabathia in New York a foreshadowing of something else? - At the Hive

LeBronx James - SLC Dunk


#4 Jazz (huh? really?)

The title of "best coach never to win a title" in any sport begins and ends with Jerry Sloan. - Brew Hoop

No Boozer or Williams for an extended period of time means big trouble for this team. - Hoops Addict 

Chris Paul would suck on the Jazz - Lakers Nation (it would suck more if Chris Paul were a Laker)

#5 Rockets

Really tight here.  There's not a helluva lot between Houston and Phoenix at the moment, but with Ming, McGrady & Artest this team can beat anyone on any given day.  Problem is - health.  This unit is just waiting to be the NBA's answer to M.A.S.H. - With Malice (with novel)

Snap, Crackle, Pop The Rockets!!! - True Blue Jazz (concise but huh?)

If you think that their team defense is intimidating now, just wait until they get Battier back in the lineup. - 3 Shades of Blue (yup but by then Yao and/or T-Mac will be down so...)

Almost by default.  But I'm also biased. - The Dream Shake (you think?)

#6 Magic

Superman will be in the dunk comp again. I don't care what else happens the rest of the way for the Magic. - A Stern Warning

Solid PG play as of late from Nelson. - Raptors HQ (who's Nelson?)

#7 Pistons

Getting McDyess back should undo some of the on-court harm of the Iverson deal. - Brew Hoop

It's clunkers like the 26-point loss to the T'Wolves that make you wonder... also, they desperately need McDyess back. - Empty the Bench

After the top three - it's a pick'em as to who lost to the Champs or the current #1 team in the prior week.  - Celtics Blog (with a peek inside the blogger ranking sausage machine)

#8 Suns (feels about right to us)

Suns should get moved up the rankings just because of Shaq joining twitter.  Now if he can just get Steve Nash to join him. - Queen City Hoops (where is the Queen City? London? San Francisco?)

Who fooled Shaq into thinking that it was spring already? Guess the year-round nice weather in Phoenix helped them pull that off. - 3 Shades of Blue (it is 82 degrees here today. Suck it Toronto!)

The Steve Nash eulogies have begun - Bullets Forever

#9 Blazers

Free Sergio Rodriguez! - Bullets Forever (yes! free him to Phoenix!)

Oden off the bench is the right play. - Raptors HQ

Still have a way to go to be one of the elite, but it was truly gratifying to discover that Greg Oden probably isn't Sam Bowie. - With Malice

#10 Hornets

Kinda like the Hornets, who so far have offense, but no defense.  Wasn't Posey supposed to improve their defense? - Hornets 24/7

No comment - At The Hive (see Suns fans, we aren't the only ones to freak out over a few loses)

That Chris Paul guy just keeps on getting better. You just scratch your head at them losing to the Bobcats though. - A Stern Warning (they lost to the Bobcats? Go ahead and freak out Hornets fans)

#11 Nuggets

Won @ SA, something the Jazz still can't do. - SLC Dunk

All other things equal, I'll take Chauncey over AI ten times out of ten. - Brew Hoop

This team worries me more than the Mavs, Blazers or maybe even the Rockets - Bright Side of the Sun (that's me)

#12 Hawks

So they are still the Hawks. - A Stern Warning

Having the chance to watch this team on a nightly basis is a big reason why I bought NBA League Pass. - Hoops Addict (seek treatment now - your addiction is getting serious)

Ice Age 3, The Cool Down continues. - SLC Dunk

#13 Mavericks

I hate all things Dallas.  That is all. - 3 Shades of Blue

Thing they regret not doing that supposed Dirk for Kobe swap? - At the Hive

Gerald Green needs more playing time so he can shoot a zillion shots and do nothing else - Bullets Forever

#14 Spurs

Not looking good...unless you are playing the Jazz. - True Blue Jazz

hard to place them above NOLA - who have a better record... just - but the Spurs are playing some decent ball again after a truly dismal start.  Timmy.  Enough said. - With Malice

Schadenfreude exemplified - Bright Side of the Sun

#15 76ers

The Knicks are beating you!  The Knicks are beating you! - SLC Dunk

Still can't figure these guys out. - Raptors HQ (neither can they)

#16 Heat

Attention Shawn Marion, you got that freedom you wanted... now play! - A Stern Warning (so warned)

Great to see that Wade is back, but Beasley's looking mostly like a southpaw Glenn Robinson to me. - Brew Hoop

#17 Raptors

Brutal losses this week and that's not even considering O'Neal getting hurt. - Raptors HQ

How do you let Carter win the game on a reverse alley-oop dunk where the pass was thrown from 30feet away?  Just awful - Celtics Blog

#18 Bulls

Did Larry Hughes kidnap Vinny Del Negro's kid?  That must be why he plays so much. - Bullets Forever

Derrick Rose is quietly having a ROY season.-  Empty the Bench (quietly?)

#19 Knicks

What did D'Antoni get himself into? He gets the Knicks off to a strong start the front office rids him of his two best players. - Hoops Addict

Yay, Knicks.  It always works out when you put all your eggs in one free-agency year.  Look at Orlando with McGrady and Hill!  Or Chicago, post Jordan!  Feh. - Hornets 24/7

#20 Nets

Thank the Hawks for that 2-game winning streak, savor it too. . I doubt you'll have too many more of those. - Lakers Nation

Building around the trio of Harris, Yi and Lopez looks like a brilliant move. - Hoops Addict

#21 Bucks

Scott Skiles' bunch should be in good shape if they survive November, and their ninth-ranked defense will give them a fighting chance. - Brew Hoops

They've won where they should and lost where they should. Excitement plus in Milwaukee, as always. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute: the greatest name in basketball right now. - A Stern Warning

Michael Redd is still "day-to-day" - Lakers Nation

#22 Grizzlies (you people put the nets over the Grizz? Crowds are dumb)

Mike Conley will be awesome.  Any day now. - Bullets Forever

Their rookies are outplaying the few veterans on the team. Mayo and Gasol are both in the running for Rookie of the Year honors. - 3 Shades of Blue

#23 Pacers

I have literally nothing to say about this team - Bullets Forever (who does?)

This team's ability to blow double digit leads borders on the uncanny.  Fold worse than a cheap suit. - With Malice

#24 Warriors

Adding Crawford was a solid move, but not enough to right the ship. - Raptors HQ

Stephen Jackson has a green light to shoot.  Too bad he's as inaccurate as an Imperial Storm Trooper. - Hornets 24/7

#25 Kings

I will not invoke the wrath of Ziller by taking cheap shots at them. - 3 Shades of Blue

Hawes and Thompson will be a reliable frontcourt in the future. - Hornets 24/7 (really?)

#26 Wizards

I think the Wizards set an NBA record for earliest in-season tank job - Bullets Forever

JaVale McGee: great potential, but apparently not ready for the starting lineup - Empty the Bench

#27 Timberwolves

Other than the demolition against Boston, they have stayed close in recent games. That's a small victory after last season's debacle. - 3 Shades of Blue

Randy Wittman is clearly the right person for this job... - Bullets Forever

#28 Bobcats

When Jason Richardson comes back, they won't be this bad.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself so I can keep following them. - Queen City Hoops

Are you really still reading this? - Bright Side of the Sun

#29 Clippers

Climb a lil' purely on having signed Zach Randolph who should make a difference.  Not a helluva lot, but they won't be the Washington Generals any more. - With Malice

#30 Thunder

The people of OKC should be outraged at this firing. Oh wait...they don't know anything about basketball. No harm no foul then. - True Blue Jazz

Karma, Clay, karma. - Queen City Hoops

The Suns had better beat this team Tuesday or all the Chill in the world won't stop the Freak Out in Phoenix - Bright Side of the Sun


and if you are more of a Wisdom of Experts type, compare and contrast:

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