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Thunder Thoughts

Good morning sports fans.  I managed to watch 3 quarters of this game on Tivo before work today (1st, 2nd and 4th) and wanted to drop some quick thunder thoughts while fresh in the mind:

  • The Suns really didn't play that bad and I am less worried after having watched the game then after seeing the score on my Black Berry
  • The 2nd quarter was obviously key. Suns could not get a basket. Wonder why? Look at the line up for most of the Thunder Run: Nash, Diaw, Bell, Barnes and Lopez.. Amare only played 1:15 during the 2nd quarter and that was early in the period.
  • During this period the Suns offense was totally stagnant with the wing players missing (1-8 shooting) and no inside presence. Diaw was the brightest spot (2-4) but the Thunder front line are long and athletic and over played him. There was no other go to guy on the floor and this unit doesn't have enough experience working together in the half court.
  • Bell having his break away layup blocked (which was pathetic btw) really sparked the Thunder and ignited their offensive run. As Zona Flash said in his great recap - the kids played hard but so did our guys.
  • 12 turnovers in the 1st half. 5 in the second.
  • It felt like the 1st half was pre-season as Porter used the time to try and get some different line-ups floor time together
  • Lopez did look good on D and active but 5 rebounds isn't going to cut it and the Suns offense with him on the floor sucked. I think he just needs more time and the team needs more time with him. He's SO DIFFERENT than Shaq.
  • Nash is like that super bomb in a Nintendo game. You have this super special weapon but can only use it so many times per season.
  • My new theory for Nash's 1st half suckiness is this: He's trying to learn to play less hard. His mental focus is off when he's not going full bore. Keep at it Steve. We need to be able to play w/ 60% Nash for 70% of the season and save Mega Nash Bombs for key stretches.
  • As great as Steve was on O during the 4th - Amare was better on D. He shut down the Thunder single handedly.
  • Good for Amare knowing what's needed and when.
  • Shaq in pin stripes. Not very thinning on him for some reason


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