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Nets win in Phoenix as Suns self destruct

This one hurts. I am going to have to go deep into my well of patience and chill tonight.

After coming out with a great first quarter where Amare was super aggressive on both ends and the Suns only had a couple of turnovers the game went down hill from there. I am not sure if it was the 21 total turnovers and the something like 31 points they turned into or Amare's disappearing act in the second quarter followed by his boneheaded move to get himself tossed after complaining what was clearly (another) legit traveling call.

Amare listen. When you jump stop after catching a pass you have established a pivot foot. You can not then move both feet before bouncing the ball. That's traveling. You might get away with it sometimes but if they call you for it (twice) and you already have one T you really need to keep your mouth shut. You need to not take a quarter off and you need to play like the superstar you want to be (paid as).

But really the turnovers are just baffeling. Barnes and Amare with 4. Hill, Diaw and Nash with 3. Come on. And it wasn't any one thing. Sure, the post passes against the fronting D was a few. But Boris making lazy passes. Hill making boneheaded plays.

Its like when you are trying not to think of an elephant and all you can see in your mind is an elephant.

At least Bell didn't have a bad game. Other then trying a couple shots that clearly are not in his skill set, he at least played harder on D and made his open looks.

But while Bell was playing well, Diaw reverted back to Doris and Grant was a non-factor.

Ugh...this one just hurts. 21 turnovers!

But hey, the Nets played well and Devin Harris is making Mark Cuban the king of betting on the wrong point guards.

Best news of the night. The last time the Nets won in Phoenix the Suns went to the Finals.

Chew on that and try not to think about elephants. Or turnovers.


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