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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Nets

Phoenix Suns

New Jersey Nets
2-1 1-1
5:30 PM Mountain / 7:30 PM Eastern
TV: My45 HD
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Devin Harris
Raja Bell SG Vince Carter
Matt Barnes
SF Bobby Simmons
Amare Stoudemire
PF Yi Jianlian
Shaq C Josh Boone
Official Suns Game Notes

The Suns start their 4 game 5 night East coast vacation road trip with a visit to the Garden State.

The Nets have an interesting roster after making some big off season moves and this will be the first time the Suns are seeing a Nets team without Kidd, Jefferson and Vince together. Instead we get Vince, Harris and Simmons?

It's hard to see how the Nets are going to be a better team this year. They have a lot of youth and some interesting depth with players like Jarvis Hayes and Yi but like Portland they are not ready to win at this level. Maybe they are getting ready for a big off season shopping spree when they move to Brooklyn.

The feel good story tonight will be the brotherly match up between Lopez and Lopez. If they get some minutes together it should be a fun side show and I will certainly enjoy seeing them play against each other. My guess is that they've done this a few times before so they won't be nearly as interested in it as we are. Neither will likely play a role in the game's outcome. It will be a few years before we see any meaningful battle between the two.

Election / Game Day Notes:

  • The real fireworks will be in the paint. Poor Josh Boone won't have a chance stopping a rested Shaq who has shot 61% so far this year. Look for Shaq to deal some early abuse.
  • An even better Suns match up is Amare and Yi. This poor kid is cannon fodder for Stat and his backup power forwards Stromile Swift and Ryan Anderson won't fare much better.
  • Amare, the early season MVP, should extend his 20 and 10, 70%+FG dominance.
    The only Nets big man that might not look foolish is 2nd year player Sean Williams who is a freakish athlete but also earned a DNP CD in the Nets last game.
  • Terry Porter should have a nice plan to unleash some abuse. First you pound low to Shaq to soften up the underbelly and then hit hard with an Amare right cross from the high post.
  • On the other hand, Devin Harris always manages to look good against the Suns since we generally have issues handling speedy point guards.
    The Suns defense did a great job against the Trail Blazers forcing outside shots. The Blazers were hitting those shots in the first half but against the Suns 2-3 zone in the second they only hit 39%. That will win you a lot of games.
  • Against the Nets we might see more of that zone. Like the Blazers, they don't have a strong low post threat and will try and score on penetration. The zone also protects Shaq and let's him not be so exposed against smaller teams.
  • Look for the Suns bench to bounce back. Grant Hill didn't sound too pleased with their performance in the first half against Portland and his leadership and pride should lift that group right back up.

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